Saturday, March 11, 2006

unknown soldier rests here

this cat got run over today. a friend finds her twitching and struggling by the side of the road with a huge dent where her stomach used to be and calls the woman. by the time she gets there, the cat is limp, ears cold, eyes wet, moving her hind legs ever so slightly back and forth.

on the way there, the woman alerts a group of caregivers feeding at a void deck nearby and they all come rushing to take a look. they recognise her. one of them finds a box and offers her towel for the cat's comfort as they wait for SPCA to come.

in that time, they manage to locate the specific caregiver for this cat and she rushes down to see her baby. the cat has a brother who have both been with her since a very young age. she decides to take the cat back with her to die a natural death in her home because she doesn't want her baby to die in some unknown place. also because her religion does not condone euthanasia.

would i prefer a quick mercy death in a strange cold place by a strange cold instrument, or a slow death in the arms of family? i don't know. i really don't.


Anonymous said...

i know this sounds weird, Tooty, but i just burst into tears when i read this post. reminds me of this incident many years ago whilst in the bus looking out of the window, i saw a dead black cat on the road - obviously being run over, if not a few times, by a vehicle. and before i knew it my eyes were wet.

i hope this cat finds comfort knowing that she is with her family during her final hours.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

That was heart breaking in the extreme :(

Cat said...

the poor cat, may she be at peace now.

i see your point. it is a moral dilemma. i was in a similar situation when my kitten was diagnosed with the fatal disease - FIP.

watching her dying was extremely painful. at times, i was tempted to smother her, just end her misery as she pitifully struggling in her last moments.

i can't bring myself to do it as much as i as tempted to. i know it would be wrong. i didn't regret my decision. she eventually passed away with her family around her.

Singapore Community Cat said...

It is sad but i do find the "ray" of happiness in that the cat passed away in proximity to the person who had loved him and who still does. She is the main caregiver and her decision was very courageous and right.

Anonymous said...

I won't call it a slow death. I believe any animal know when to say goodbye. The cat wanted some time with her before leaving. I 'm glad the cat last moments is with someone he knows dearly.

Unknown said...

add me -

animalfamily said...

the caregiver called to say that unknown cat died the next morning.

Tinkerbell said...

could it be that he was holding out for her? i have always had this feeling that they are just waiting to see u before just to say goodbye

Anonymous said...

Oh God.


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