Tuesday, March 14, 2006

beautiful maine coone needs to be rehomed

this is not a cat. he is a sheepdog. when the woman sees it for the first time, she knows she has to take him home. so now we have a sheepdog in our bathroom.

his family cannot accomodate him anymore despite importing him several years ago for a tidy sum of money. reason being that they are shifting, the son is sickly and might have something or other to do with the cat. so big boy here is left in a hurry with a foster whose elderly mother locks it outdoors and uses a broom as a disciplinary. he is eventually relocated to auntie ah lan's friend, auntie anne, who also needs to pass the cat on as soon as she can because town council has been closely on her tail.

so he's landed with us until we can find a home for him. fast i hope, because the bathroom is no place for such a big boy. but no way he can be out here with us. he is very quiet, extremely tame with the woman, but obviously never had to share anything with other felines all his life.

hopefully he will be more friendly after he recovers from his bath and has had a bite.

(update: Pavarotti has since settled in well. when it was confirmed that he is all of 11 years old, we felt this senior citizen shouldn't have to put up with yet another relocation so he is part of this family now!)


Anonymous said...

those maine coons can tend to be one-person cats. They'll tolerate other people but usually latch on to one family member to be their own special person.

You aren't kidding about how big he is, coons are huge. They look fluffy sometimes like persians (had a stray called a persian by a vet once) but unlike persians there is a lot of muscle under all that fur. Persians look like drowned rats when they are wet LOL.

Quite intelligent cats, mine loved tormenting my poodle. The dog would run thru the chairs under the dining room table when playing and the cat would sit on a chair so he could take a swipe at the dog on each pass.

I miss my coon, he was such a good friend when I was young.

Mary said...

Poor cat, let's hope you find a good guardian soon whom will love and never forsake you for any reason or excuses that can be found on earth.

Babysunkist said...

so cute... n so poor thing... btw can i also link you..

animalfamily said...

he's just adorable and so gentle. purrs on cue when rubbed. how i wish we can keep him but alas...

babysunkist, sure thing. and your last post was Dec 2004! how's your pretty ginger? let us see more pics!

Anonymous said...

I hope someone will adopt him soon. He looks like such a big huggable guy.

Anonymous said...

hi there... i can't help but notice this beautiful cat of urs. has he found a home? if not, i hope u'll consider me. after i saw him once, i couldn't help but keep coming back to look at his pictures. i used to have a persian for 10 years. but unfortunately, she passed on a month ago due to old age. since then, i've been thinking if i should find a companion for this rescued kitten that used to be bestfrenz with my persian. then i saw pavarotti and i thought, may be i should give it a try. however, i would like to find out more about him first to see if he is a suitable match for my family. do drop me a mail at misterhairymonkey@yahoo.com.sg


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