Wednesday, May 16, 2007

star performer

this ginger tom is a diva. it's all in a day's work when he finesses a captive audience in the open quadrangle with bunny hops and belly flops. the kids are a little afraid of him at first because he is a big cat. but his innocent effervescence wins them over again and again as they laugh at his and their own youthful playfulness. the adults look on.

quite often, the man and woman have seen this tom curling up to sleep by the feet of couples courting on park benches or peek-a-booing out of bushes at friendly faces. there's no doubt people love him.

we need more cats like this who transcends psychological barriers and elevates himself from mere stray to community resident. he makes people reevaluate their assumptions and that is good for everybody.

on the home front, our own ginger Suede has lifted out of her melancholy. she is still the woman's best lap cat.


MightyMouse said...

Hello Suede! Greetings from Skoda! She is pleased to hear that you're a lap cat too!!

calsifer said...

He's lovely! Does he have a name? One of our TNRM alphas, Marty, was exactly the same way, in love with people and utterly trusting... Until the night he turned up distressed - he had been smeared all over with superglue, even between his paw pads. Fortunately, his eyes and orifices were spared. Still, it took a bit of figuring out to get rid of the goo. He was fine otherwise, but he's never been the same since. He's scaredy and wary and only trust my sister, his feeder, he's also moved away from his usual haunt. We never could id the culprits.

Anyway, I hope this lovely ginger tom meets only kindness for his loving trust. To be fair, he looks like he's in a habited locale which means he has people watching out for him? Marty's territory is not a housing area, but a transport hub, so maybe that's part of the reason his abusers dared commit the crime, it certainly couldn't have taken place when there's human traffic.

... eh, sorry for the ramble. I started off wanting to comment on the rapport this ginger tom has with people. Very heartening to see the diva with appreciative fans!

animalfamily said...

i really wonder about some people. worse thing is that they walk the streets just like everyone else and you don't see the malice lurking inside.

animalfamily said...

hi skoda! suede's routine is paw paw, headbutt and then stake claim on the belly :)


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