Thursday, May 24, 2007

change is inevitable

i just knew he'd be back. after waiting patiently for days by the lift lobby to catch glimpses of the man or woman, they cannot help themselves but bring this lovesick tom back up here. and he doesn't want to leave.

it was a testy introduction. most of us took a look at his big mean face and ran claws out with a snarl, while he follows behind with a wounded whinny wondering why we don't like him. Papa is not used to such feline adoration and whacked him a few times but he just lies down and pleads for affection. it's really hard to keep up any indignation in the face of such sweetness. you just look like a real chump.

i have to say he has in his week here added a much needed boost to the animal family. sedentary cats came out of retirement in force for once forgotten games like hide and seek, police and thief and street soccer. we take turns hiding at a strategic corner in the utility room waiting for an unsuspecting passerby. that usually kicks off another round of chase. he does have some weird habits, like fishing dried poo from the litter box and kicking it around the house like a ball. he knows to go for the ones with the most aerodynamic curvatures. when carried, he puts his two front paws around the man or woman's neck and lays his head on the shoulder.

he is now called Bak Bak. not to confuse Blackie, we dropped the L.

Smally benefits most from the fresh buzz of activity, which has broken her timid and solitary ways. still not exactly in with our crowd, she is like that slow cousin we allow into our games who neither understands its rules nor knows who's on her team. she stands on her hind legs paws up as we fly past and falls on her pom pom tail in her excitement. she thinks she is in the game and that is all that matters.

yep, animal family life is a whole lot more exhausting with the arrival of Bak Bak (in a good way). we thought we outgrown our kittenish ways but quite unexpectedly, its right there just waiting to be reclaimed.

not too bad for 2 calicos at the grown-up age of 2.


mademoiselle said...

its so exciting to see new cats appearing on ur blog:)

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

New kitties!
And the big tom... does look a little love torn, actually. lol.

Aw, all playing again. Nothing like being a kitten again, eh? :D

KXBC said...

2 new cats? You got me a little confused. So it's a big gentle black cat and Bak Bak the little cow with a pom pom tail?

animalfamily said...

the big gentle black cat is called Bak Bak, the little cow with pom pom tail is called Smally!


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