Friday, May 04, 2007

Blak Blak well enough to rejoin community

raspy-throated Blak Blak goes back on the streets fixed and tipped. he is a smart one and is the very first cat that has actually found its way back to our front door after being released. he spotted man out on the corridor and up the stairs he came for hugs and belly-rubs. this is one tame tom.

he now forms a pack with Frazzle Black, Orange White and their friends downstairs, in no hurry to head back to his original hang-out block.

Gin Gin and Bon Bon are also back on the streets as no one answered the adoption ads. we pray for them everyday that they will not be caught again.

secretly, Fruity and i thought nimble little Gin Gin might just come back to see us. when woman's mum had a cataract operation, she shuttled back and forth for a week making it possible to keep Gin Gin, then down with the flu, at her mum's to relieve the animal family from overcrowding and to contain the virus. but because the place is not cat-proof, Gin Gin actually disappeared one morning through a split second opening and that was shortly after they lost White Grey to illness. when she couldn't be found, man and woman were in shock that their whole rescue operation seemed to be falling apart. only late that night they got the call when the woman's mum found Gin Gin sitting content and quite oblivious in one of her rooms. the woman's mum is no cat lover but admitted an unexplainable pride when she saw the little cat has found her way home.

we have yet to see Gin Gin again after her release but we can still hope.

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