Thursday, February 09, 2006

rollercoaster week

it's pretty trying times at the animal family right now. if you ever wonder why crazy cat ladies look the way they do, well, it is because they just don't have the time or energy to comb their hair or coordinate their clothes. i know because i have one at home.

Tara is more feisty now and it is getting harder and harder to medicate her without her foaming at the mouth to get rid of the nasty taste. but finally, there is something for the woman to jump for joy about in her haphazard hairpins and stained t-shirt. Tara just had a long beautiful firm slightly moist dark brown perfect shit. yes, crazy human alert here.

Bobby, who has started spraying on our sofa and Mummy have both been sterilised. when the man and woman go to pick them up, the vet has another customer there picking up his sterilised male cat. the man asks if he could keep his cat's balls. the nurse replies, do you want them as is or preserved? i'd like someone to explain that to me.

Monster, Rex and Mungo go away on adoption trials yesterday. Monster and Rex to 2 sisters and Mungo to a family whose beloved cat died. however, Mungo will come back again today because their other 5-yr old cat went berserk and tried to kill him. Mungo will go on another adoption trial on friday. Bramble's potential adopter fell through due to family objections. more people are coming to see her in the next few days.

it is absolutely heartbreaking for Mummy. she has been calling for her missing kittens. she never ventures out of the utility room when she was nursing her 4 kittens but has started doing so in search of them. i hope adopters appreciate the pains of the mother when they leave with her kittens. hopefully they will value them all the more because of it.


Anonymous said...

i pick up a mummy cat and her kitten once to have the mummy cat sterilised with the intention of adopting her kitten...when mummy cat was sterilised, i return her to where i found her...guess wat, 2 weeks after, she appear at my door howling for her baby...i adopted both mummy and her baby now known as blackie sara girl and ninja

Mary said...

What's going to happen to mummy after her kittens have been adopted.

animalfamily said...

hoping one of the potential adopters for Bramblerose will take Mummy as well. if that doesn't work out, will see how she react when all the kittens have left. after seeing Mungo leave with his next potential adopter with her own eyes yesterday, she seems to accept the fact that he is no longer around. it probably helps when she witnesses them leave the house personally and not just have them disappear all of a sudden.

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