Thursday, February 02, 2006

almost time to leave mummy

whenever is it a good time? mummy still looks for her kittens when the man and woman take them away to socialise them with humans and us cats. she is also getting increasingly restless to get away when their antics get too much.

as the kittens are starting to eat solid food, guess its about time to find them new homes.


Spock said...


=^..^= said...

The kittens are such cuties. I hope they'll find good homes soon. Best of luck! :)

~5-Cat Style

Laura said...

kittens start to eat solids at 4 weeks - but it's thought that they are best socialized and ready for adoption between 8 and 12 weeks - as close to 12 as the market will bear.

animalfamily said...

laura, is this so they get enough mum's milk until at least 8 weeks?


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