Wednesday, February 22, 2006


the woman sustains something akin to an affliction. in a deep forgotten place stirs a furious yearning for something now irretrievably lost. time, youth, a violence of passion.

it infects me. in our collective memory is something splendid and noble we left a long time ago on the mountain.

i hate the movie. it leaves you broken and doesn't tell you how to fix it.


CatDonna & Cats said...

To be honest, I wasn't entirely impressed with the movie. It's very good obviously, but parts of it were just screaming "Nominate meeee!!!"

For some reason, bits of it keep floating in me head though. So it's still great, I guess.

I was sad at the end of the movie, but the oscar-whoring moments and a not very convincing Anne Hathaway managed to stop me from getting too upset about it.

animalfamily said...

when i was watching the movie, i must say i did start wondering when the movie was going to end 3 quarters of the way through it. but towards the end it really blew me away. then came the unforeseen aftershocks for days after.

revisiting it, i think it is the pacing of the movie, to let the story slowly unfold with all its subtlety that really lets it get under my skin. days after, it rocks me to think wow, now i understand why he said that the way he did.

i think it was the writing more than anything that really took the movie to the level that it did. and the dropdead soundtrack. just to hear those lilting notes and i am in a shambles again.

ok, i am quite a weeper when it comes to movies :p


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