Monday, August 29, 2005

procrastination kills - Fruity falls from window

the man and woman has been talking about installing chicken wire on the gate and grill for the longest time but procrastinates. today the woman forgets to close the window by the bed and Fruity falls 3 floors down. when she discovers that Fruity is missing and suspects the worse has happened, the woman flies into a panic and runs downstairs to see Fruity lying on her side in blood.

Fruity looks up at her and meows, relieving the woman of her worst fear. the mouth and one paw are bloody. checking the limbs as best she could, the woman does not find signs of broken bones and rushes Fruity back upstairs where the man is still looking the place over for the kitten. after a few minutes of frenzied disorganisation, the man calls ahead to the vet while the woman grabs the carrier basket and rags.

when it is time to leave, they find Fruity spitting blood and in shock under the sofa. she snarls with blind aggression, body arched, claws out and hair standing. when the woman tries to carry her, she bolts soiling herself out of sheer terror. the woman finds it hard to keep panic from her voice as she coaxes Fruity out of the hollow back of the cabinet where she desperately hides with body half in half out. the sound she makes is intense and knife-like to the soul. i sit up on the dining table and smell the anguish.

Fruity calms down once the woman has her in her arms and she quietly settles into the rags in the carrier as they all rush to the vet in a cab.

fortunately, it all looks worse than it is. the vet finds nothing broken. the blood is from a small cut on the nose. the x-ray shows a slight bruising on the lungs due to the impact of the fall which will heal quickly. Fruity will just be feeling very sore all over for a couple of days.

back home, Tooty runs up to Fruity and licks her as she lays quietly down to rest. the man and woman makes getting the chicken wire top priority.

afterwards, when the woman can look back on the episode without breaking a sweat, she finds humour in the old boxer shorts that is hastily grabbed to wrap Fruity in as she is transported to the vet. when the vet lifts Fruity from the carrier basket, she is clutching the old raggedy navy boxers in her paws. she wonders if the vet thought that short of a suitable article at hand, the man might have dropped his shorts in valiant desperation to save the injured kitten.


Anonymous said...

very interesting post. i am utterly inspired by your dedication and your devotion to your family. I love they way you write it out.

animalfamily said...

pet doctor:
Enhancin Suspension (anti-biotic)

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh my, we nefur readed this before! The first cat was hitted by a truck and spittin blood and shocky. He only lost a fang and had a cut lip, but it sure LOOKED horrible! Good thing we has 9 lives!


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