Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Leafty joins the animal family

after a couple of weeks in cage, Rabbeet is let out to roam the apartment. he is happy enough entertaining itself but never quite gets used to human company. if you ask me, i think he had a tough old time out there too and knows to watch his back. cats are the same but we have a couple more defenses going for us so we don't mind the humans getting close. if they screw up, they get screwed if you know what i mean.

after 2 months, he starts to look a little lonely and the woman thinks about getting him a companion.

the woman signs up as a SPCA volunteer and goes to the briefing at Mount Vernon with her friend. in the mean time, they check out the pound and there sits Leafty in his cage. he captures their hearts immediately, but as Rabbeet has yet to be spayed, they decide to come back again in a week.

cooing about cute little Leafty all the way into town, their mania grows 'what if Leafty gets adopted within the week??!' 'no!' at scotts road they turn and drive all the way back to Mount Vernon to adopt the albino dwarf with the yellow pee stains.

he comes away from SPCA is a brown box, the very same one the woman stuffed me into on route to my uncertain fate at the SPCA. after a pedi/mani with the ladies at far east plaza, they take Leafty back to his new home and he becomes our no. 4 on 4 Dec 2005.

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