Monday, August 01, 2005

meet Rabbeet

i am situated in the utility room while i recuperate because as i discover, i am no. 5 in this animal family. besides the man and woman, the rest of the 3-rm apartment is playground to 2 dwarf bunnies, Rabbeet & Leafty. They roam free in the flat and particularly like it under the bed and a corner of the bathroom right next to the bowl where their constant butt resting has left a permanent brown stain on the tile. (eek) but the man and woman don't much care. it makes for opportune bunny bonding time when they do whatever it is they do in the toilet.

the 2 bunnies affectionately share everything and get up to some mad capers zipping around the house tripping up the man and woman and doing bunny hops on the turkish carpet.

the woman and the man found Rabbeet wandering next to a construction site on 08 Sep 2004 while walking home from Holland Village at 3am. they talked about getting a pet when they have more cash but there was Rabbeet hopping right onto their path and that decided it.

it's not easy trying to catch a rabbit in the dark and with no experience. after some clumsy failed attempts, the woman emptied her laptop bag onto the grass and upturned it onto the rabbit, scooping it up. she was on a roll and ran all the way back to the flat with a brown rabbit head bobbing up and down out of the laptop bag held chest high in front of her. the man followed behind with the laptop, mouse, mousepad, wires and several files in a desperate clutch wondering about the crazy world he just stepped into.

The next day, Rabbeet went to the vet. He had a mild case of scabies but was otherwise healthy.

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animalfamily said...

pet doctor:
Ivermectin injection x 3(scabies)


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