Friday, December 19, 2008

slow recovery

the 2 white ones are out of danger but white grey and black curly are still battling for their sight. even with the reduced swelling, what we can see of the eye is cloudy... :(


Everycat said...

The poor little mites. Just recently we fostered 3 kittens that were in a similar state to these. Our kittens had been rescued from a hoarding situation. The female, Gabbi's eye had exploded and was removed by the vet and one of the males had an eye on the brink of bursting, but with some intensive care and heaps of aureomycin it was saved) All three are now rehomed to good homes. You are good people to give these kittens a chance of a good life.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, poor babies. Hope they recover soon.

Thanks for taking care of them. :)


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