Friday, December 19, 2008

glut and brutality

thanks ocha, for the link to internet users angry about cats on menu.

my heart sinks when i see my feline brothers and sisters caged like this to be bought, sold, weighed and finally eaten. then i remember our friends in poultry, cattle and other farms who suffer the same fate and i am not sure i have the right to complain.

but i say this for all of us who are lesser than the mighty men. i can understand if a starving person had to catch us to fill his family’s stomach. i can even understand if someone had no other livelihood but to farm us. because they are careful with what they have and they are grateful for what they are given.

for the rest of you, why are you so hungry? so hungry you have exchanged your natural abhorrence to glut and brutality that is shark’s fin soup, whale meat, foie gras, veal, fur coats and on and on, and for what? for that bloated esteem of living what is a good life. that is what it is. i hope you are happy.


Everycat said...

About ten years ago, in the UK a documentary called Man and Animal made by Tony Thomas was shown. It included explicit scenes inside the kitchens of a restaurant in Guangdong. Because of these scenes, it was shown late at night when not many would see it. A shame. More people need to see this horrific act, more people need to see how animals are slaughtered everywhere. I will never forget the suffering shown in this documentary, the anger is still there inside me, that animal friends should be so hatefully treated. You are right, it is sheer gluttony and greed. If an animal musy be killed for food, it should at the very least be accorded a swift humane death, not battered with iron tongs, dunked in boiling water to loosen its skin, skinned alive then torn apart to fill the happy conscience-less faces of diners. The barbarity of humans knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Yes...the barbarity.

*_* '

Anonymous said...

At the back of my mind, I'm always feeling guilty that I choose not to be vegetarian.

Especially since I've seen those horrific conditions of chicken farms and slaughter process of cows and pigs.

animalfamily said...

the documentary "earthlings" cured me of my meat habit. i still eat seafood, so slowly does it.

after watching it, i am not sure there is such a thing as a quick death. the sheer volume that farms deal with result in so many mistakes, carelessness and sheer apathy of "just doing my job"

very sad, i bawled all the way through.

Slash and Bronzy said...

Because the world will not turn completely vegetarian soon, humane treatment towards animals in the livestock industry is what we can and should aim for till then.


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