Thursday, April 05, 2007

bobby, what a view

surprised i can still type. (revisit: this was taken a few days before Bobby became, now irretrievably, distressed. such a cheeky little boy before that. keep your tail up at the bridge, Bob Bob, we are thinking of you.)

yes Mary, it's so good to see how kittens from the animal family alumni have grown. here's Skoda. she now has her own blog which she shares with new mates, Braun and Mikki.

their mummy, Mighty Mouse faced the age old dilemma of cat lovers whole Singapore over, what to do with stray cats on death row besides turning their home into their very own SPCA? they chose to open their home once again and that's how Mikki and briefly, blessed Mikey, became part of their family.

the animal family still has 2 rescued strays in the utility room until we are satisfied that the streets are safe again. white grey has passed on, given up on this miserable life that has shown him little but the back of the pest control truck and the pound. all 3 cats were ill from something they caught from their cheerless transit (somehow, they don't come out quite the same). Gin-Gin and Bon-Bon however, have stayed strong and are recovering beautifully.

over the week, the animal family has been told that this all seems like an exercise in futility: sterilise cats, they still get caught, claim cats from pound and they end up not making it anyway. through all of which, no perceivable dent in the number of strays that continue to be caught and (humanely) destroyed has really been made.

still, we should not make it easy for them to continue their vicious culling cycle. they will just have to contend with the fact that some of these cats are not going to go quietly.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that your stray situation seems so endless. I force myself to not think of the magnitude of the "cat problem" here, or I'd be immobilized by my sadness and frustration. You're doing a great thing and I applaud you for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

thank you for doing what you do for the cats in yr vicinity. am sorry to hear abt White Grey. hope the others will recover.


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