Tuesday, March 27, 2007

we are sterilised, don't catch us

the woman has made too many trips to the pound this month as she continues to appeal for TC to stop catching our darn cats.

white grey is extremely depressed. i'd be too if i were caught not once but twice in a month. so now, its utility room view for being a sucker for pest control.

these are some of the cats up for adoption there.

... and the pound's charmed resident.

despite herself, the woman often met genuinely nice people at the pound who were glad to give cats back to you. and who genuinely cared for the ones that stayed behind.

if only the people who complain no end can get this kind of an education.


Kootoo | Muffin | Milo | Mama said...

Maybe the AVA can encourage "responsible reporting" by making it compulsory for the complainant to come down to the pound and witness for himself/herself the destiny of the cats whom he/she complained about?

Anonymous said...

I wonder who's the in-charge who first thought that the solution to over-population of strays is by culling/murdering? Perhaps in the year 2084 when there is an overpopulation of unproductive old folks and too few hospital beds, they will come up with a government policy to put the old folks who over stay at the hospitals to sleep. Ya, just kill 'em and forget about them in their typical short-sighted way of handling problems.

animalfamily said...

wonder if we can demand for a strike off list that TC can observe for people who OBJECT to their conservancy fees being used for pest control! whoever complains pays directly for the removal.

Anonymous said...

and TC shld also stop entertaining anonymous complaints! if ppl want the life of a cat to be taken, they shld at least have the decency to show themselves and make a good case for it.

Cairo The Boxer said...

I hope they all find good homes soon :)


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