Monday, May 22, 2006

a fitter papa

when Papa first came to the animal family, we were all amazed. this cat can't climb.

other than Leafty, we all take our meals on the dining table and most of us have no problems getting there in one leap. it is obvious from the start that Papa is never going to eat if he didn't get a little help, so the woman positions a storage box and chair as intermittent steps for him to lug his sizeable girth onto the table.

he does this with great effort at the start. it is comical and at the same time painful to watch. sometimes, the other cats race him and he picks up speed to catch them, only to lose balance and slide to a dull thud back on the floor. but the woman is relentless in her crusade to put the cat back into Papa.

glad to report that Papa can now take the steps in one breath, sometimes beating even me to his big reward of super-sized helpings. he walks around more and can even be counted on to hustle when necessary for tag team bug cornering action.

Papa, you are finally a cat.


husky9 said...

Papa is so cute, he is one of my fav cat in the animal family blog.heehee so adorable.

>.< Taro

KXBC said...

Fat cats rulez.

Support from fat Kim Kim

Anonymous said...

Papa is fabulous!
Our sale at the shelter on Saturday was a success and a few of my favs were adopted, too!

bL@cKc0ug@r said...

He's coolzzzzz, pui pui!

onekell said...

I think he was also depressed about being abandoned. Now he has found love again.

Anonymous said...

Suade is a beautiful name... & I find it cool how cats & rabbits reside together when in nature a rabbit is prey for a cat...


san said...

Fat Cats unite!
From Toro and Bujang :)

Victor Tabbycat said...

No more couch potato papa!

nergis said...

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