Monday, May 01, 2006

back in business

after months of nothing, we are back to a double digit feline population in the animal family.

besides the 2 Hwa Chong charges, a caregiver managed to help us catch a mother and 3 kittens from an adjoining estate. the mother cat is a high priority in terms of sterilisation because she is very very fertile and has had a couple of litters before. but every time, the litter will mysteriously disappear leaving her screaming for her babies and dripping milk from her full tits.

maybe the mother gotten smarter at protecting her brood because when these kittens surfaced, they were quite big already. right now, they can actually eat solids and are about ready to be weaned.

they are however, a little under the weather, sniffling, with mucus around the eyes which will hopefully clear up soon with medication before the first adoption visitors drop by.

Update: neo23 is starting to get the hang of sharing her space with so many other cats. less growling and hissing all round. woman is just waiting for us to start playing together. one thing at a time, woman.

thank goodness man has some time on his hands now that the animal family has to ramp up full gear once again. The Hwa Chong teacher, who has 3 cats of her own, has volunteered to pick up the tab on the sterilisation of neo23 and her sibling which is wonderful. the man will take them all down along with the mother cat at the end of the week.

hopefully, the phones will start ringing soon with potential adopters for the kittens, neo23 and her sibling. the mother cat will be released back to where she was found.


Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

I really look up to what the man and woman are doing.

Most admirable.

auntie p said...

All the best, kitties, man and woman. :)

Victor Tabbycat said...

Kitties! Cuties! I bet the ginger goes first. Ginger, Mackerel, and a Blackie - great set.


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