Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Suede comes home

the people who adopted Suede and her siblings Bronze and Rice returned her yesterday.

according to them, Suede is very naughty, always instigating the rest of the kittens to mischief and mayhem, so they can't keep her. she spends a lot of time in a cage as they can't deal with her antics. the woman decides then that it is best to take her back so that she has a fighting chance for another loving home that better suits her.

the man and woman are at least happy to see Bronze and Rice doing great when they visited the 3 of them last week. the adorable Bronze has even bonded beautifully with their timid 2-yr old persian cross.

Bonnet (now named Tiara) is also doing well, being the darling of her new family. she is no longer shy, bouncing happily around her new mummy's room and letting the man and woman hold and hug her during their visit. the difference a loving family makes to a wary kitty.

the animal family also received an update recently from Grey's (now named Skoda) new mummy and daddy. the little princess is at times amorous, at times playful, more times fierce. sleeping apparently remains her sweetest moment. they have 2 nicknames for her - Chia char bo (fierce girl) and Kaypoh Cat!

Suede is at this moment snuggling up to the man, rubbing her head on his chin and clouding his judgement on her fate. after all, he is used to lively kits after contending with Bobby and me. the woman still hopes to find a home for her.

i guess we cats will get used to a new kit in the house soon enough but one of us has to be the sensible one here and wonder about the rate this animal family is growing. looks like i might be the only one.


Lino Coria said...

This a very nice blog! My family has 12 cats and my parents and sister have found homes for many more. This is my dad's blog where you can see some pics of our kitties.

animalfamily said...

my gosh, Buster is so cute!

Monkey said...

the grey kitty is sooooooo sweet!! very very beautiful

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Monkey! Skoda is sure one babe with the looks and quite a character :)

Skoda's mummy

soulmining said...

I'm starting to lose count! I wish I could keep pets in my flat :(

Anonymous said...

The adopter needs to be patient or close one eye if Suede gets too playful. My Ah Tub is just like him. He does not sleep and play 24 hours 365 days. He loves to jump and wrestle with my Ah Meow. Sometime I have to tell him "TIME OUT"!

Monkey said...

skoda's mummy! you're so lucky :)
you got a real beauty! she's definitely a princess :)



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