Thursday, November 24, 2005

complaining kills

be it the long tail macaques, the reticulated python or the stray cat, when people complain, the animal often gets put down.

the woman writes to AVA about the culling of stray animals but does not get a satisfactory answer.

First reply: "We hope to see with greater awareness, less strays in our midst. Meanwhile, in order to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats we regretfully need to cull them as most of them are not adoptable."

Second reply: "The stray problem is a very complex issue and therefore requires a multi-pronged approached. Culling of strays is just one of the methods employed... The management bodies have to balance the interests of many parties and run it in a manner that best provides a pleasant environment and promote harmony amongst residence... As mentioned earlier, not all strays are adoptable. Moreover, few Singaporeans are willing to adopt strays. As a result, many have to be put down."

how about doing more to teach people how to live and let live? how to abide harmoniously with the animals around them? with all that we know, is there no way of preserving their dignity instead of culling them?

it is our hope that one day, the government and our community can come together to find better means for resolving conflicts between wildlife, strays and humans. humanity sure depends on it.

(Photo from Forgotten Cats, Inc.)

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