Saturday, June 14, 2008

best cat litter solution for multi-cat households

seriously, this works like a dream and it saves money and so much effort.

sometime ago on recommendation, we switched to the PeeWee cat litter system. i must say it works very well if you have a 1 - 2 cat to litter box ratio. not forgetting that we have a serious cat-count here, it became just as much effort to keep sand-free as previously with a normal box unless we ramp up to 5 - 6 peewee boxes, which is not practical in our small space. and not to mention the cost!

so now instead of using the wood pellets as they prescribe, we only line the bottom catchment area with them as we still find that wood pellets offer the best absorption and odour control. and this works just as well with the cheaper Pinnacle brand wood pellets.

on the top layer, we use the sand-free Breeders Choice recycled paper pellets instead. instantly, this cuts our cost to at least a third because the woman doesn't need to change the litter as often. best part, no more sand. voila!

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