Tuesday, September 25, 2007

fluffy marble

another fluffy cat in the neighbourhood? bet someone is breeding them... grrr

a neighbour found this cute kitty in a badly matted state but has cleaned her up and passed on to us to toilet train and look for an adopter. she is kind of timid at the moment, but adapting. very sweet face.

interested parties, please drop us a line.

(update: marble has been adopted!)

it was a stroke of luck. it did seem our 'for adoption' list is getting depressingly longer, but we have been told that ghim moh kitty facing eviction has found an adopter!


snowforest said...

Oh she is just adorable. Lovely blog. Added u to blogroll. Hope u'd do the same :)

Anonymous said...

Oh... this Marble looks so much like a cat I was fostering - Mimi. She ran out early this year and hasn't been seen since. Marble has the same face and even the white markings above the eyes. Marble looks browner though. Mimi is ash-grey. I'll email you photos of Mimi to compare.

animalfamily said...

so sorry it is not Mimi, hope you find her soon.


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