Friday, October 21, 2005

the fun never stops

fruity's godfather (yes, how come i don't have one?) leaves our place at 4am after a late night. when he and the man enjoy one last smoke downstairs, they see a tiny kitten run under a parked car. worried, they peek underneath only to discover that the kitten has climbed into the engine.

they call the crazy cat lady down and they spend an hour trying to lure the kitten out. it is well and truly stuck. it doesn't help that the car is installed with a body kit and sitting on a hump. the woman can barely get her head in underneath but sees nothing. 5am and dead tired, they wonder what they are going to do:

1) leave note on car - it is a sunday and there is a high chance the owner might sleep in. the kitten might fry under the hot sun.

2) keep luring the kitten until the owner comes - less sleep, same conclusion.

3) rock and lift the car - go to jail

4) track down owner

crazy as it sounds, that is what they do. seeing an SPF decal on the car as well as some related paraphernalia, the woman calls the police (not the emergency line la) to see if they can track down the owner (possibly a police man) by licence number.

the officers who drop by are cool. as soon as they hear the kitten meow, they are just as anxious to help it get out. but it is still rather a funny story that begs to be told.

the first patrol car comes by and the 2 officers call in the screening of the car after verifying the details of the 'case'. half hour later, another patrol car and 2 more officers drop by. (they called for back-up) by then, there is word from hq that the screening system is down so the 4 officers make a go of it and start rocking the car to see if they can dislodge(?) the kitten.

at 6.30am, the owner of the car shows up. it doesn't happen everyday that you see 4 policemen rocking your car downstairs when you are brushing your teeth. he quickly releases the bonnet and we rescue Bonnet from it. The charcoal-coloured kitten is scared shitless.

sometime during the night between the arrival of the first patrol car and the second, a cleaner comes round to see what is going on. he tells the civilian rescue squad about a box of kittens left out in the corridor of a neighbouring block. the woman and friend go check it out and indeed, find a box of 5 kittens wallowing in their own diarrhea and vomit. they remove the kittens immediately into a proper carrier. when Bonnet is rescued, she is placed with the kittens and they all drive straight to the vet.

the kittens are now up for adoption. hope they all find good homes soon.


Mary said...

Hi Maneki mummy,

Good job. Maybe your husband wishes came true, he wanted kitten, right.

Anonymous said...

What a funny story, Tooty! Great that your mummy and family are doing so much to help the kitties. Thanks to the helpful policemen too!

soulmining said...

Great story! Nice to see you taking over diary duties Tooty - good work.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Ok, so we're commenting on a story from October. In fact, that was just a week before I dopted Mom! Great rescues! If Bonnet hadn't gotten stuck in the car, you might not have found the other kittens. Mom laughed at the police rocking the car. Her Mom used to get a company car and left the lights on one night. Soon, three police cars were out there with their lights flashing, trying to figure out whose car. One of the cops recognized the parking sticker from the company. Mom saw the flashing lights and her mom unlocked the car, turned off the headlights, and laughed with the police about it. People do strange things, don't they Tooty!


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