Monday, March 20, 2006

consoling Leafty

Bobby and Suede knock the utility room barrier down during one of their high speed chases and hapless Leafty wanders into the lair of Rambo Rabbeet.

he comes out with a bloody lip and less fur than usual but otherwise still in good spirits. Rosie stands guard nonetheless.


CatDonna & Cats said...

Two rabbits of mine, Bono and Thimble, got into this huge fight once when Bono bit a chunk of fur out of Thimble's shoulder.

Thimble retaliated by KICKING BONO'S LEFT EYE SO HARD HIS EYELID TORE IN HALF. Blood everywhere.

They have to be permanently separated, like your Rambo and Leafty.

And people say rabbits are gentle creatures. [Literally] Bloody hell.

auntie p said...

Catdonna, I'm shocked! :-O

the letter b said...

good grief. do they happen to be some champion boxers/WWF wrestlers in their previous lives, Catdonna?

animalfamily said...

chalk it down to their 'delicate' natures i guess. easily spooked, very sensitive (in a petty way), easily offended and holds grudges for a very long time!

lots of patience involved when keeping rabbits.


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