Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Suede comes of age

not necessarily a good thing for cats. she gets spayed. ouch.

nice to have friends at times like these.

bad news. vet says the woman's latest trapping has already been spayed. $$ (flush). peoples, please tip the ears of spayed cats or keep them INDOORS.

more bad news. really bad news. tomcat died. old age (it's not that old) or complications with the sterilisation? damn, how did that happen.

woman makes a check on the rest. leukemia and mummy ok. no sign of bendy and bushy tail. bad day all round.


Anonymous said...

Hope Suede gets well soon. Glad that there is Bobby to render her some comfort. Aha, which means Skoda should have hers done soon (already booked appt for 24 March - hope everything will turn out fine, heard horror tales of cats not making it).


=^..^= said...

Oh dear... I'm so sorry to hear about the tomcat. I hope your week gets cheerier.

~5-Cat Style

animalfamily said...

spoke to the vet. we concluded that since leukemia has FELV, chances are tomcat has it since they seem to be from the same family. being older, his immune system was compromised by the stress of the sterilisation. sad.

but all the more it had to be done so that he doesn't father anymore kittens with the virus.

damned if you do. damned if you don't.

the letter b said...

RIP tomcat, whilst wishing Suede a speedy recovery.

Margaret said...

Aw, poor Suede. You'll be all right, honey.

I'm sorry about Tomcat. :o(

auntie p said...

Suede looked as though she's in pain. sterilisation does cause pain? :(

animalfamily said...

it's quite temporary. she's walking around, playing with the others and going about her normal routine by evening.


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