Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the animal family naming convention

the man and woman (especially the woman) has a habit of plundering our names for sport.

Rosie is Ro-tzee.

Suede is Su-e-dee.

Bobby is Bow-bee.

Rabbeet is Le-beet.

Leafty is Leep-tee.

Fruity is Fruitcake.

i'm Toot Toots. TOOT TOOTS. someone kill me now.

Pavarotti is not spared. He is now Pa-pa-lo-tee. Papa for short.


the letter b said...

no offence meant, Toots, luckily the woman didn't add "train" after that. you know, as in "Toot toot train".


[ack, had better run for the hills!!!]

animalfamily said...

letter b, THANKS A LOT for giving the woman more ideas. grr...

2Vamp said...

wasn't having a good day but all better now, thanks. lol.

toot toot train.
that's just too awful. heh.

the letter b said...

it could have been worse you know, Toots :D like, er, Tootsie.

that's it, me die liao.

well 2vamp, steam engine trains do go "toot, toot...." good lordy, i must watched too much of "Petticoat Junction" back then :p

the letter b said...

sorry people, i meant to say "..i must HAVE watched.."

even the fingers are going. besides the eyesight.

Margaret said...

Or how about Tootie Frootie? LOL

auntie p said...

Papa Loti (same name as the kopi-bun outlet?) is really beautiful. Hope he gets adopted soon. How heavy is he by the way?

animalfamily said...

I'm so glad peoples, that my plight is such comedy to everyone.

animalfamily said...

yes, just like the kopi-buns! have not weighed papa loti on a proper scale yet but when we tried on normal human scale (with some difficulty), he registers a whopping 18lbs. he cannot jump at all. calls himself a cat...

auntie p said...

My foster cat Jackie (a bit overweight) is about 10.5 lbs, and Papalotee is almost twice as heavy...phew! 18lbs is about 8kg...waa, heavier than a standard 6kg bag of rice!

Who wants to put this neck-warmer around the neck? Heheh!


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