Thursday, March 16, 2006

pavarotti and the animal family welcoming committee

looks like Leafty is making a poor job of it. points for trying buddy.


animalfamily said...

update: caught Leafty and Pavarotti sitting face to face in the bathroom! this rabbit does not give up. alas, could not whip out the camera in time.

the letter b said...

my, Pavarotti is massive! Leafty: you go boy :)

Margaret said...

Good for you, Leafty!
I love this shot.

Fat Eric said...

Message for Suede - Glad to have you aboard on the Gorgeous Gingers page. You are not the only girl ginger though, check out Luna and Nala on the same page! Nice to have some more girls though.

Mary said...

I really love Leafty, she is so brave and friendly.

CatDonna & Cats said...

Leafty is so brave. Hats off to him/her [?]. Lovely when they all make friends! :)

My cats and rabbits just can't get along. Every meeting inevitably becomes a squabble for territory and respect.

Thimble, my black lop-eared bunny, has attempted to lunge and attack the cats before. And I've also seen Doe slap Boomerang Bunny.

They're crazy. All of 'em.


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