Tuesday, November 15, 2005

when the pot starts to sizzle...

we get some tag team action going. bobby you take left, i will sneak in from the right. rosie, stop getting distracted over there.

the man won't know what hit him.

mealtimes are getting to be more and more of a challenge for the man and woman but they learn fast. how to eat with their right hands while they airlift snooping cats off the dining table with the left. it gets to be so efficient it is almost like queuing for a theme ride. me, Bobby, Fruity, Rosie, me, Bobby, Fruity, Rosie, one by one we get tossed over shoulders to the bed, and to the back of the line we always go. i am perfecting my double somersault back flip. one of these days, i will get it just right.

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