Monday, November 07, 2005

cats take over

overcrowding is starting to become an issue, especially at bedtime. man and woman wakes up to find cats sprawled over legs, snug in armpits or stealing the blanket. i myself particularly like it in between shins.

word of advice to everyone - stay very still to avoid accident.


Moglee said...

Dear tooty

My ugly but beautiful torti kitty kay passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon from lung complications. It was a traumatic time for me and hubby the last 3 days since she was hospitalised. Kitty kay was fighting for her life and I had to tell her it is ok to leave us to be with her Angel Uncle Busuk (smelly tomcat I had before).

I love Kitty Kay very much and I want give her more. I hope she will be reborned as a kitty again and find my hubby or me. We made a promise to her that we will bring her home.

I am still sad and have been tearing all day....I know kitty kay is in peace and driving Uncle Busuk nuts!

Still...missing her still hurts...

animalfamily said...

gosh moglee, so so sorry. so sad that a cat we love so much have to leave us. have faith that Kitty Kay is in a happy place now with her Uncle Busuk and you will meet them again in the future.

mrs budak said...

Oh Tooty, I have to ask - how does your mummy deal with all the cat hair!?? We have one Angel and we're already frantically cleaning after her. Does she line all of you up and vacuum your fur every day? :P


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