Tuesday, November 15, 2005

caught in compromising positions

happens to everyone.

dear sweet rosie, after spending many weeks acting all regal and demure starts to really make herself at home around here.

no one should have to be held to expectations set by their first impressions. moreover, we like the new rosie. she is having some real fun now and she is still very very sweet. purr.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie,

You looks like me so much not only the appearence but also manner of licking my youngs. I have other 6 brothers and sisters. We are not related at all. Our daddy and mummy picked up seperatly but we love each other so many much. I am their eldest son.

animalfamily said...

glad to meet yet another animal family!

Anonymous said...

I am glad too. My cat family also has younger sister 'Kit Kit' looks like Tooty.


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