Tuesday, November 15, 2005

more on casanova

i am glad for this new playmate. no one else even comes close to my exuberance in this animal family. Fruity is useless, after a couple of minutes of hide and seek, she disappears permanently to the food station or some cosy corner for a snooze while i continue to hide like a dope hoping to be found. Rosie of course thinks she is far too grown up for our childish games. with Bobby, the fun almost never stops. we hide, we seek, we chase, we wrestle. quick snooze, quick bite and the cycle repeats itself, endlessly. the man and woman learn to sleep through it, even when we use body parts as freeway for a high-speed chase. the man got it in the lip last night. he turned over and went straight back to sleep.

Bobby also doesn't seem to be aware that he is tiny. barely even a volkswagon. he takes on even rosie, chasing and wrestling her like a maniac. she of course, just have to give him a casual swipe and off he flies. when his zest gets too much even for me, i just put a paw out on his head and watch him wrestle air.

the bugger knows how to win hearts, what can i say.

moglee, hope you are feeling better.

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