Tuesday, May 09, 2006

who says cats are solitary animals?

like everyone else, we appreciate good company.


san said...

Yup. I think they like being in each others company, especially if they know each other. Toro would seek to be wherever Bujang is and he makes a point of sleeping close to him. Sometimes the 3 amigos will sit or lie or sleep within a few feet of each other. :) I think they only choose to be alone -sometimes.

auntie p said...

What an interesting household. Lots of cat hair, I'm sure. :)

May I know what's that thing underneath Leafy? It looks like a litter tray, but why is it in the crate?

KXBC said...

Where's no. 7?

animalfamily said...

yeah san, maybe we choose to be alone only in an environment when we have to compete with others for resources. otherwise, much prefer having company!

auntie p, the thing underneath Leafty is a litter tray. no crate tho, its a wire frame with a drawer inside. currently filled with pine pellets. maybe that's what looks like a crate?

kxbc, someone has to be taking the picture ya? haha

Cairo The Boxer said...

a cat party? I need to come back as a cat in my next life you guys have too much fun :)

Carina said...

My cat Elvis does not like other cats - he was a tomcat until I got him and he's maybe 5 years old, maybe that's why! He is neutered now. :~)
However, he really gets along well with my Rottweilers and follows them around, he can even eat out of my female Rottie's bowl right along with her. He sleeps with them too. I think he is really a cat in a little Rottweiler suit!
I love the pic of the cat and the bunny.


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