Thursday, May 18, 2006

kittens let loose

the kittens have recovered from their flu. i can see their eyes at last, not stumbling around with eyes glued shut by mucus.

gingin, as victor tabbycat predicts, is the first to get adopted. his adopter will be picking him up tomorrow. the rest of you, buck up and put on your best doe face!

blackie is still very tiny for being the last to recover. but he is a speedy one and dashes for the heavens every time the man and woman opens the utility room door. keep your germs behind the yellow line, buddy.


Cinthia said...

Aww...I wish I could adopt one of those adorable kittens!

husky9 said...



Aidana said...

How did you help them recover?


BTW... I added you to my links on my animal blogs below, stop in sometime.


KAnn said...

They are so precious! It is kitten season here, unfortunately, but we spay and nueter at the shelter and most of the kittens will find homes. The older ones are tougher. I have been baking for 2 days for our spring sale tomorrow...hopefully, we will raise some $$ for the cats!

animalfamily said...

aidana, we trief Bactrim but the kittens kept foaming at the mouth because of the taste so we switched to Vibravet 100 Paste containing Doxycycline which we could administer with ease. The kittens recovered quickly after that.

good job kann! best of luck with the sales.

Victor Tabbycat said...

They are so cute! I'm sure they'll all haf good homes soon. Good luck to Gingin. As for doptin older kitties, I was 8 months old when I dopted Mom. I was big enuf to stand up to Bonnie but still a playful kitten. Bonnie was a terror as an itty bitty attack tabby an Mom almost said "no baby kittens efur again."

Leigh-Ann said...

I just had a kitten on liquid amoxicillin to treat a URI. She took her meds quite well, considering they were "bubble gum" flavoured. Blech.

Tell little Blackie he needs to behave or it will be bubble gum for him, too! ;-)


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