Sunday, May 07, 2006

maximum capacity

no one has called up for neo23 yet. maybe it's the age, 5 mths, and the colour. same as Mummy. thankfully she is saved from going the way of Mummy. but she deserves better than to be another number in the ever growing animal family. we all do.

the man and woman is reconsidering plans for a cat mezzanine to increase the capacity of our apartment. don't know, man, don't know if that is the way to go.


kuro.shiro.neko said...

i'm sure neo23 will soon have a home to call her own... jia yu, neo23!

Cairo The Boxer said...

Ok this is so cute you should send this picture to
I just love your cats.

2Vamp said...

Holy moly, look at all that kitty belly!!

My fingers are twitching to give a scritch, Toots.


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