Sunday, April 16, 2006

please tell the woman to get out more

she is taking pictures of our butts for amusement.

not because there is a lack of things to do and people to see. she was expected this morning at ten and she has a regular clique this afternoon. but she is still in her jammies about the house. sending out insincere apologetic smses. and waiting. waiting for the man to complete his six-year long stint in 2 more weeks.

crazy? sad? pathetic? yep. but you can't imagine, we are all holding our breaths here, cats, rabbits and all because life after ________ has been but a distant idea for as long as we have known the man. until now. when the big unknown is about at our doorstep.

it may mean huge lifestyle changes. or not at all. it can really make you sick just thinking about it.




2Vamp said...

Is that Pavalotti in the foreground? My, but he looks sullen. lol. Cute pics!

animalfamily said...

yes that is papa. he desperately needs a lesson in fun!


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