Wednesday, April 12, 2006

me being helpful

"for the last time, Tooty, i am not stuck!"


Victor Tabbycat said...

NO ONE is allowed to visit the restroom unaccompanied.

auntie p said...

This is a cute picture. And I finally get to see a full pic of you, Tooty!

Erm...Pavaloti cannot turn around in the covered litter box to bury properly huh?

Anonymous said...

Tooty is so pretty

animalfamily said...

amazingly, he can turn around in there but he hardly buries, just does his biz and scoots off.

the litter box came together with him so it's the only box he would do his business in. we rather he does it with the rest so one less box to worry about but he likes this one.

and THANK YOU! Tooty loves compliments!


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