Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tara with nice nurse

nice nurse at the Holland V Vet volunteers to take Tara home to give her periodic saline injections under the skin as the man and woman have no confidence they can do it right.

seems to be helping as the nurse says Tara has started eating voraciously. they will take her home tonight.


gyn said...

could tara and leukemia be related...they look similar

animalfamily said...

i wonder... there is a family of cats around my block that looks very much alike, leukemia, tomcat and absess cat. they have tiger stripes at their foreheads only, which Tara lacks. she looks more like a Burmese or Siamese cross.

polo said...

May I know the reason for injecting the saline under the skin? Tara is such a pretty cat. :)

animalfamily said...

at this age, the kitten is so small it is next to impossible to find the veins to drip it so saline injections under the skin is the next best thing to quickly rehydrate a sick kitty.


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