Saturday, February 04, 2006


meet Tara. the man picked her up last night from... you guessed it, our void deck. we have not seen any siamese mix here before so wonder where she came from.

she is named Tara because of the tar that keeps coming out of her ass. yes, pretty bad. she's skin and bones and very dyhydrated from it. after medication, she is doing a little better and her black diarrhea is starting to turn brown. we hope that is a good sign.

she had an interesting night. because the man found her on his way out she spent her friday night with them at bikini bar at sentosa. they also had interesting time when Tara leaked tar on man's shirt.


Zuleme said...

What is a void deck? It sounds like something you would pee off of but I bet that isn't it.

animalfamily said...

void deck is what we call the ground floor of our public housing blocks where the mailboxes and lift entrances are. once in a while you do find drunks and young kids peeing there so you are somewhat right!

the letter b said...

Zuleme - that's not very funny. a "void deck" is the spacious ground floor of a block of flats. or what you yanks called, "an apartment complex". and why we called flats instead of apartment units? that's what we inherited from the british. so there.

Moglee said...

You can give her some honey water with a little bit of salt. It's a subsitute for glucose and a good remedy for dehydration.

animalfamily said...

thanks, moglee.

she is on glucose water and mushy food. though she is drinking, she doesn't seem to be taking in as much as we would like.

Kat Ong said...


Besides Glucose & Saline induction, you might need to sup her with Multi Vit & minerals.

It is ok she don't eat. She won't die from that if you give her vit & minerals. It is that comes from food that keeps us alive.

One type is Nutripet Paste, you can give her straight without mixing in food. 3 - 4cm in length every 4 hours. Enough for a cat for 1 mth. Or Solid Gold Seameals better & cheaper in long run. $25 for a bot of 225G, I can used for 25cats for 3 mths. each month only $8. Ok.

I believe Cheryl will pay you a visit to see your kittens! hope all the best to it!!!


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