Monday, February 06, 2006

curbing the tide

Tara is eating a little and there is more control of bowel movements. after the tide has dribbled to spurts, she is peeing normal although we have yet to see hard stools.

the man can't wait to reclaim the bathroom from the smell and has taken to doing his business with a mask drenched in lavender mist.

hang in there, Tara!


Daily Dog said...

If there's a chance of dehydration it might be a good idea to give her water with salt in it. She won't drink that, so you'll have to inject some in her mouth with a syringe. I really does help, though. I once had four kittens on my hands whose mother had died. I had to feed them artificial milk and their bowels didn't take it very welk. They were becoming very dehydrated and it was the salt water that saved them.

animalfamily said...

hey daily dog, how long does it take for the forcefeeding of water to take effect? we were doing that but after 2 days didn't seem to help and she still wasn't eating so we brought her to the vet. the bill will be hefty so hopefully we get more experienced to DIY if we ever come across another cat in this condition.

Daily Dog said...

Sorry, I saw your question only just now. In my experience it starts working after a day or two. But you have to do it practically every two hours (which) i forgot to mention :-(. I tried to mail you just now, but I can't find an e-mail address ... Hope she feels better soon. Sorry the DIY didn't work out.

animalfamily said...

she is much better now thanks. the saline injections really helped a lot. but we still need to forcefeed her water every few hours for the next couple of days to be safe until we see her drinking enough on her own.


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