Saturday, June 14, 2008

bad tooty

oh my, has it been this long??

sorry my dears for not keeping up with this blog for a while. i blame our digital camera, which conked out on us and we had only our pathetic camera phone to fall back on. blogging just didn't seem worthwhile without nice handsome pics of the family to make all you people green with envy... :D

on the cat welfare front, the woman had some luck with the new TC officer who is sympathetic but understandably caught between a rock (the woman) and a hard place (cat hating complainers). sterilisation however, has been tricky as it is getting harder to catch the new younger cats in the neighbourhood. for some reason, they have become a lot more wary and clever, even of their feeders. a good combination for avoiding pest control but not good for TNRM. we had some luck with two prolific males that got hungry and complacent but at least three more are particularly hard cases that have time and again avoided capture. i don't think the conventional traps are working and the woman is on a look out for better ones.

on the home front, we are still an intact household of 2 beans, 11 cats and 1 leafty. it's probably time to update the "how we came by" section to add Tuxedo and Calico to the list as they are well and truly family now.

me slacking off

Chaplin is now our alpha male, never mind that he remains pint-sized compared to Papa, Bak Bak and Rosie. he even orders the woman around! so what do they say about size?

Rosie mellows with age... she is 6! we are sorry to hear about your brother baby blue who died of leukemia late last year. see you at the bridge, blue

Tuxedo graduates to adulthood


MightyMouse said...

Yipee, good to hear from you guys and gals again. Rosie is looking altogether the fine lady that she is. And Tuxedo is a big boy (?) now.

auntie p said...

Good to see everyone's fine. Rosie is still so beautiful and Tux is a handsome boy.


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