Thursday, March 06, 2008

be my idol

come 10pm on wed, thurs & fri, we are right where we should be. in a cushy spot watching simon skewer idol contestants...

fruity: "loved loved loved jason castro on the first week but he completely murdered Hallelujah, what was simon thinking?? hope they keep him around tho, if only for his cute cute face"
calico: "him? pleeeease. david archuleto all the way."

suede: "woah, i like what david cook did with the smarmy lionel ritchie song. that guys is a dark horse for sure if he keeps this up."
calico: "david archuleto all the way."

bak bak: "geez papa, those young things have really let idol fever go to their empty heads."
papa: "david archuleto all the way."

chaplin: "ramiele malubay is hot."
tuxedo: "no, kristy lee cook is."
chaplin: "malubay."
tuxedo: "cook."
chaplin: "MALUBAY."
tuxedo: "cook."
chaplin: "MALUBAY, DO DO DO DA DA DA, so there."

tuxedo: "leafty, you are my idol."

(update: cook wins!!! and suede wins the animal family wager of unlimited cat food, licks and rubs... wait, we ALL get that!)


quasi said...

My human and his female won't let me watch American Idol. They make me watch Intervention instead. They say it should serve as a warning to me, but I don't quite know what they mean.

lalala said...

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dogs said...


very lovely cats

MightyMouse said...

Yooo...hooo...anybody home? Hope all is well at the animalfamily :)


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