Thursday, July 30, 2009

litter of critters

4 out of 6 of the leukemia caregiver's kittens have been adopted! they still had remnants of the cat flu so only 2 went straight off for their home trials with the more confident adopters. The rest were packed off here for recuperation and fattening up.

A pretty little head on a bag of bones, Mixed Ranger has to pile on the pounds before heading to her new home. But she is the least worrisome, all brass and sassy attitude!

Perk up, little wallflower. She was burning hot when she got here and dehydrated. She gave the woman a scare by lying limp on her lap. After a couple of squirts of water, she finally looked up with her big sad eyes. She hasn't caught any adopter's attention yet.

White Challenger doesn't sweat it, he has a new home waiting for him when his adopter comes back from vacation.

Black Ninja's conjunctivitis is clearing up. He wonders why black cats are the last to be adopted, if ever?


Mary said...

Tell Black Ninja - black cats are lovely and gentle - black or white, they are still cats and they are lovely creatures.

Victor Tabbycat said...

What happened to the brown tabby peeking from under the table? She looks like my sister Nina, but skinny and sad.

Black kitties are very special and wait for very special homes.

animalfamily said...

they are from a place where the old lady can't take care of them like she used to. but lots of volunteers now giving them the love and attention they need.

i know someone with 18 cats and many black ones, her special favourites.


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