Thursday, February 19, 2009

slumcats can be millionaires too

i can see the vivid unforgiving streets of mumbai in her thought cloud. in her 2am reverie, the woman tells me why she can’t go to india

she will come back to our flat with no less than

ten babies
five monkeys
eight dogs
twenty cats
and one elephant

three with four legs between them
two blind
one abused

she will raise the children as her own

four will be teachers
three counsellors
two social entrepreneurs
one politician

they will be religious

three as muslims
three as hindus
three as christians

in pairs, they will
save strays
save whales
champion the environment
champion the poor
while one writes about it

and her favourite child, the one with the unhappy eyes under a fringe of curls

he is the godless vigilante
she will raise him on gun justice for silky gangster, mercenary, criminal scalps

the thought sends serotonin bursts through her cheerless insomniac neural crevices. but just before her hand grows still on my tipped ear and she drifts away, another occurs to her

the children will more likely rebel against their crazy hippie adopted mother. they will be sterling citizens

four as lawyers
three as bankers
two integrated resort developers
and one game show host

sweet unhappy dreams

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