Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bak Bak's legs

it's happening, as if losing one is not bad enough.

Bak Bak is losing control of his hind legs. while he still has sensation in them, they just won't prop him up anymore. it is therefore pretty amazing that with the partial lameness and blindness, Bak Bak hasn't once shown signs of being distressed. he eats, he is curious and he never fails to respond to affection. we wonder if he is oblivious to his condition. if the woman holds him up from behind, he will paddle his way around the house like it's any normal day, except that he has this clumsy person behind trying to keep up.

but we are not kidding ourselves here, the vet doesn't offer much hope...

so we take our blessings where they come. after the passing of our dear rabbit, Tuxedo rose to the challenge by making it a point to fill our rabbit's larger than life paws. he became the one who gave comfort to Bak Bak. it does present a painful dilemma. do we risk Tuxedo catching the virus? do we let Bak Bak live out the rest of his life alone? in the end, we let the two friends enjoy their time together as long as we dared. but Bak Bak is in his own space now.

Tuxedo is no doubt one of the least news-making member of this family. ever since they arrived as a bunch of kittens with a serious eye infection, he has lived in perpetual shadow of his sister, Calico. she was the one who needed more time and attention from being the more sickly and subsequently, from the sheer force of her personality. and Tuxedo remained the one who operated behind the scenes. he was Leafty's champion when most of the kittens have left or grown up and out of their childhood friend, he was and still is a giving big brother to a sister who isn't always appreciative. and now, he is an angel to a sickly Bak Bak.

being this quiet and unassuming makes it easy to get lost in this bustling household. when the more extroverted of us have tired of imposing ourselves on the woman with our chatter and antics, that is when he shows up to lie his head on her arm or leg. the woman makes it a point that his silent nudges for attention do not go unnoticed.

most of all, the woman will never forget how Tuxedo was the one that stood by her when she cried over Leafty and for that, he holds a very special place in her heart.


ocha said...

Is Bak Bak's condition a progression of the FELV infection? I hope he gets better soon.

I googled and found this site.

sending extra chinrubs to tuxedo =)

animalfamily said...

yeah, it is a progression.

thanks for the info! we aren't sure if any overseas delivery would be in time for Bak Bak to enjoy it before losing the last of his strength... wonder if there is a local supplier?


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