Tuesday, July 22, 2008

animal family mugshots

HEADLINE: Constable Tooty Cleans Up The Family

suede - CAUGHT! gave false information to get $1m reward for capture of puss selamat "thorry lar thir, i thot i thaw a limp."

rosie - CAUGHT! forgery and abuse of animal family funds
"sir, i swear, not for personal gain."

chaplin a.k.a. chappy chap - CAUGHT! brokering kidney between downstairs stray cat and upstairs fat cat
"one want to buy, one want to sell, i only want to help."

calico - CAUGHT! stealing squirt bottle from utility camp
"i was confused."

Crime Boss Still At Large!


Cats said...

What a puretty family ~ you all look so cute in your 'mugshots'..

2Vamp said...

I understand the "not blogging" bit so am quite happy to see all the pretty pretty pictures. Own time, own target!

I especially loved Rosie's pic (turning 6, next post). That was SUCH a cute pic!!

auntie p said...

Hello kitties!
You all look so clean and white.

DL Hoh said...

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