Tuesday, November 13, 2007

catch up game

i haven't been keeping up with this blog. that is because i am taking my role as maid-of-honour very seriously. as her bridesmaid (though she doesn't know it quite yet...), i want to get my sashay down the red carpet just right. and i am doing it with a posie on my head. she can't say no to that, surely!

so yes, my man and woman are finally walking down the aisle in good old traditional fashion in december. the gown is booked, the alcohol is shipped and the invites are in the mail, so it's all set barring the proper big bang proposal that the man still owes the woman.

the man and woman lent a hand recently at ACRES with the painting of the turtle enclosure. the place is looking really good! but they still need help so people out there who can spare an afternoon, look them up.

penny is louis' sweet sweet dog rescued from a breeding farm. she follows him everywhere!

thanks esther for the cat baskets. as you can see, tux is really lovin' it!

and so, while the man and woman work themselves into a frenzy, it is a day at a time back at the animal family. always.


KXBC said...


MightyMouse said...

CONGRATS! Will the whole animal family be out in full swing? ;)

Mary said...

Congratulation, i am so happy for you.

auntie p said...

Congrats! With the wedding arrangements already in full swing, er...I hope the woman will still get a memorable big bang proposal... Heheh.

animalfamily said...

thanks! it's crunch time, so much to do... :P

2Vamp said...

oh my :)

dec seems to be the month of weddings *chuckles* my brother's is 2 dec.

remember, toots, pictures of the posey on your head!

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Congrats!!! Best wishes from KMM gang!

Veganmeow said...


calsifer said...

To a blissful union!


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