Thursday, August 31, 2006

and just when we were getting used to you...

woman receives a call from a neighbour who said that a cat he has been feeding died, leaving behind three kittens. defenseless without mummy, he hopes someone would take them in. we hope so too.

man has been missing Blackie and Mackie, these tiggers will do for now!


2Vamp said...

Aw. Like a ittle pretzel. Adorable Chaplin!

onekell said...

New kittens!

I saw a few with their mummy just now, in the bushes facing Funan Centre.

auntie p said...

I thought you were gonna say that Chaplin's going to a new home. Cute kittens!

ikki said...

Aiyoh I BTH liao =P

I'm absolutely charmed by leafty.

KXBC said...

2 words for the new kittens.

Sibei cute!!

mademoiselle said...

hey veron. hows life. da kittens are simply so adorable!!!!
i wana kitten too.
but mom is gonna strongly object to it.
cookie definately would love a lovely companion like dat=)
well jus too let u kn0w cookie is growing healthily and getting fatter=)
take care=)

Dark Euridice said...

all the kittens are so wonderful ... i hope they find a new home soon... :)


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