Thursday, January 05, 2006

new year babies

Singapore's 2006 first baby born at Thomson Medical Centre

rambo rabbeet has a new charge. mummy and 4 tiny newborns.

man and woman find them on new year's day through the cleaner's tip off. it is so beautiful watching mummy with her babies after reading about Scarlett. and so heartbreaking at the same time. the way she hurdles over her babies when she senses a potential threat. the way she nudges and licks them, drawing them around her. the way she flops down laden and exhausted as she turns her nipples towards her wailing babies.

the gift of life especially on this day of days should be an exciting, joyous affair but it is instead a bitter one as we watch a young mother shackled by the cruel fate of nature. she is a protective, tenacious mother who would do anything to safeguard her young. yet she is entirely powerless to safe her babies from the brutal circumstances of her own life.

before they even have a fighting chance, the babies already face grave danger. it would not be the first time a vulnerable mother and her little newborns are put into a plastic bag and thrown into the garbage in this neighbourhood. a source points to one of the cleaners. if only the Town Council is taking this seriously but they are not. their standard reply is, "we will look into it".

mummy will be sterilised before being released back to the community. hopefully afterall, her babies will escape her fate.


Mary said...

Will mummy be allowed to breastfeed for awhile, instead of being sent to be sterilised?

animalfamily said...

yeah, the babies will be weaned in 4 weeks so mummy will be with us for quite some time yet.

Monkey said...

i must admit that once a cat jumped into my house and gave birth in one of the many boxes in our balcony (thats linked to the corridor) and when we discovered the kittens, mama cat wasnt around and we had to bring the box of kitty downstairs but by then.. i think mama cat would have lost them forever.

my parents are not cat friendly *sigh*

wait til monkey gets her own tree >:|


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